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Proxes T1 Sport plus

NEW Proxes T1 Sport plus has an A grade wet grip rating on all sizes.

Designed for demanding use at highway speeds, Proxes T1 Sport plus offers immediate steering response and driver feel in wet weather conditions

Proxes T1 Sport plus delivers grip, braking and precise steering for the most exacting drivers.

Four Circumferential Grooves

Four Circumferential Grooves
- Improved anti-aquaplaning system

Large Tapered Grooves

Large Tapered Grooves
- Improved grip, braking and handling in wet road conditions

Special Silica Tread Compound

Special Silica Tread Compound
- Improved Wet Performance

JointlessCap Ply

Jointless Cap Ply
- High speed durability and precise uniformity
Dimensão do pneu Diâmetro da jante Indíce de carga e velocidade
215/45 ZR17 17 91W XL
225/50 ZR17 17 98Y XL
225/45 ZR17 17 94Y XL
235/45 ZR17 17 97Y XL
225/40 ZR18 18 92Y XL
235/45 ZR18 18 (98Y) XL
235/40 ZR18 18 (95Y) XL
245/45 ZR18 18 (100Y) XL
245/40 ZR18 18 97Y XL

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